Growing up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado served to shape Brandon Heidemann into avid outdoorsman with an uncommon zeal for life. 

At the age of nine he started riding dirt bikes, which led to many years of racing on the PRO/AM circuits around the US. This former motocross pro grew up on snowboards, snowmobiles, skateboards, mountain bikes, in kayaks, in caves, in woods and off cliffs, exhibiting an insatiable love for extreme sports. This adventuresome spirit led to service in Vail Colorado as a instructor and guide in sporting, clays and trap, snowmobiling, snowboarding, ATV, the back country, rafting and motocross.

While racing on the PRO/AM circuit in 2005, Brandon began traveling with a motocross ministry, MXers For Jesus and later that year founded Revelation Generation Ministries; an extreme sports ministry focused on bringing the message of Christ’s love to youth via national and world championship races. 

Since ’05, Brandon has been involved in a variety of extreme sports events. He has taken on unique leadership roles by hosting and partnering with other promoters and event coordinators over the years. Working with ministries such as Unusual Soldiers, Louis Palau Association, and The Pursuit, Brandon has served to bring the Gospel to large audiences through events such as The Calling, HeavenFest, The SacrementoFest as well as smaller festivals, conferences and camps.

“It’s an honor to serve at The Emerging Sound alongside this amazing team of artists and writers. What God has planned to do through this young generation will blow our minds. He is raising up an army of worship warriors. With all of my heart, I believe that God’s biggest gift to us is the ability to connect to Him through worship. Worship is the most intimidating and powerful weapon we have against the enemy. The fire of our intimacy with Jesus protects us; when we abide in His presence, His life, power, joy, peace, and love flow through us and we become untouchable; truly united, where we belong. In Him. I really hope to see you at The Emerging Sound Camp, as I’ll be making sure the activities are top notch!” ~ Brandon