“Last year's camp affected me in numerous ways. I can't express how much changed occurred. I thought I knew how to lead worship, write songs, and just teach the gospel but man was I wrong. My life was changed and not just one of those "temporary changes". The change that God rocks your world and your heart is just set on Him 24-7 seeking opportunities' to be used for His glory. All I know is that God rocked my world and through that camp God called me to many things with worship and showed me a future in Him.”


“I found Emerging Sound so freeing. I had a lot of chains still holding me down and I struggled a lot when I first arrived. On the first night we had hours of worship and prayer and I felt the heaviness of my depression and anxiety lifted off my shoulders. After Emerging Sound I viewed anxiety in a new way, it seemed easier to deal with! Now I am empowered by that experience and I know with God I can do all things!” -Chloe


“Before I came to Emerging Sound I was the girl who sat in the back of the room quietly singing along to the songs. I didn't really see worship as a way I could personally encounter God. But the moment I walked into the room at Emerging Sound, I felt a freedom I haven't felt before. Not only the freedom in worship but the freedom to be me. I am not the best singer or the most talented musician but, here there is no pressure to be "perfect" because it is just a family coming together to worship The King!” -Grace


“It affected me spiritually the most. I never been to a place with kids my own age who love and worship God so freely. The Emerging Sound made me reflect on my own life and see what I could do to obey God in allowing Him to use the ability He has given me. It gave me a new passion to write music. After camp, I have written more music than ever.” -Qwinlyn


“It was amazing. It got me back into writing songs again. As soon as my sister and I came home, we wrote about 3 songs. It was so inspiring. Not only that, but it also improved my relationship with God. Music camp just changed me. It was so refreshing, I felt the Spirit everywhere.” -Patricia

Ana Lee

“[Before] coming to emerging sound last year I was so insecure and thought I was terrible at music and that no one wanted to hear it... This camp was different. It was truly spectacular. I sang in front of most everyone there, and I wasn't afraid to at all--something that's never happened for me. I can't forget that week or the people I met. I truly believe that that is what heavens gonna be like.” -AnaLee