“Before I came to Emerging Sound I was the girl who sat in the back of the room quietly singing along to the songs. I didn't really see worship as a way I could personally encounter God. But the moment I walked into the room at Emerging Sound, I felt a freedom I haven't felt before. Not only the freedom in worship but the freedom to be me. I am not the best singer or the most talented musician but here, there is no pressure to be "perfect" because it is just a family coming together to worship The King!” 


“I was expectant that God would show up, but I never could have imagined Him showing up in the way He did. As we worshipped together, the presence of God was more tangible than I have ever experienced. I walked away from the week being filled in a new way, overwhelmed with the goodness of God, and blessed by new, anointed songs for the Church.”



"The Emerging Sound is not just another songwriting camp. When I first heard about TES, I expected to be sitting in a workshop all week taking notes on the fundamentals of songwriting. Instead, I walked into a community of believers and together, we devoted our time to worship, to the Scriptures, and to building one another up for the Kingdom. Then we wrote songs. From the overflow of the Spirit, we poured out into our writing.  I came back so renewed and so empowered. My fear and self-consciousness fell away. The urgency of my task overcame all my prior feelings. I need to keep writing...keep developing...keep sharing my story.  To God be all the glory.


"The Emerging Sound has opened my eyes to what real worship is.  While I was [at camp], I experienced the Holy Spirit working inside me and in everyone else around me.  It was amazing to see so many believers come together and write music together and freely worship God!"


"The Emerging Sound is more than a summer camp...lives are changed here! Being a part of TES has helped me grow, not only as a songwriter and musician, but as a worshipper. Our time spent together during the week of TES truly gave me a taste of heaven, and it can still be experienced! I'm so thankful to be a part of this family and I look forward to seeing how God uses our worship songs in churches across the globe."



“Last year's camp affected me in numerous ways. I can't express how much changed occurred. I thought I knew how to lead worship, write songs, and just teach the gospel but man, was I wrong. My life was changed and not just one of those "temporary changes". The change that God rocks your world and your heart is just set on Him 24-7 seeking opportunities' to be used for His glory. All I know is that God rocked my world and through that camp God called me to many things with worship and showed me a future in Him.” 


“This past year at Emerging Sound was nothing short incredible. The bond created with family, friends, brothers, and sisters is an everlasting one. This past year, the Lord took the Emerging Sound family into a deeper realm of unity as the Body of Christ. Together we poured our hearts out into song, worshipped alongside each other, learned with each other, and life change happened.”


"Over my past three summers at The Emerging Sound, God has taught me many valuable lessons. The songwriting sessions challenged me to draw upon the heart of God with like-minded people. I learned that surface songs don't make the cut in an ever-increasing Kingdom. The leaders at TES encourage us to dig deep from the well that springs forth living water, not simply a bank of empty words! I have also learned that community is critical when taking on the task of songwriting. The strong moments of fellowship and the intimate times of worship were what helped us create songs with deep Kingdom relevance. The strong leadership at TES inspires my generation with their zeal for God's house and intense love for people. They have encouraged me countless times and have sown into my life their precious love and support. The leadership at TES is simply beautiful. God's hand is evident in every area of the camp."