We believe that the Church is made up of born-again believers (John 3:1-23) who profess Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone as the way to the Father (John 14:6). Each believer has differing life experiences, personalities, levels of maturity, cultural differences, and denominational vantage points. Each believer is responsible to work out their own salvation (Phil 2:12-13), through the power of the Holy Spirit informed by and in submission to the the Word of God.


  • We believe in One God who is The Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • We believe God created the world
  • We believe Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to the virgin Mary
  • We believe Jesus humbled Himself to death and was crucified on a cross as the sacrificial Lamb of God for our sins
  • We believe He was buried in a tomb and He rose from the dead three days later
  • We believe Christ ascended to heaven and will come again one day to judge the living and the dead
  • We believe The Holy Spirit conforms and empowers us to live and be like Jesus
  • We believe God forgives those who repent and He saves us to eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ alone
  • We believe in the resurrection of the saints and life in the world to come
  • We believe the long-awaited and only Messiah is Jesus Christ the Lord. There has never been another nor will there ever be.
  • We believe The Bible is the Word of God


Our Philosophy demands that we give ourselves to the training of others towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission. The TEAM purposes to walk side-by-side with the students all week in a life-giving and fully-engaged way. In an era of social media connectivity, we have never been so isolated and separate. This is our way of getting back to grass-roots discipleship. It is our hope to spark a flame of Kingdom inspiration, Godly unity, and true friendship in the hearts of young creatives that extend far beyond our time together - to be specific - we hope to impact lives to serve passionately serve Jesus until He is met face to face.